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»Tomorrow is the last day of EXAM!!
Kamis, 15 Desember 2011

how cute this photo yaaw?? I found it on tumblr. no!! I don't want talk about that picture, forgive me.. (:
forget about that!!
yeahh, I want to tell you..if tomorrow is the last day of my DEADLY EXAM!! *LOL* tomorrow is friday 16 of december, how much I'm be happy!!
I told to my mom if Im not remedial PKN, but I'll do my others remedial the next week that is week of REMEDIAL. whahaha Im not PD if I'll not remedial, because I think Im not too smart girl. but, I just want the best for me, if Im nothing remedial, Im so proud about that!!
if I can to be the champion class, I hope my parents want to give I want!! hopefully I wish I could yeahh!! pray for me (:

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